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After leaving his acting career behind temporarily Mark settled in his new office, raised a family, and tackled all the major obstacles that were thrown his way with his family life. Fast forward ten years later with the birth of reality television Hollywood suddenly came back into Marks life. 


Mark has worked on several television pilots for major cable networks, where he offers his edgy hard core say it like it approach. History, Court TV, TLC, HBO to name a few have had interest. 


Mark has also appeared on Fox News as well as many other television and radio outlets sharing with the public his interesting take on things. 


Mark has a unique way of speaking about his crazy profession and life; even if it’s a college class or just a room full of wanna be crime novelists. 


In 2011 Mark authored his first book “ Happens All the Time - Cheating in the Good O’L USA” which is available on Amazon and landed him in studio with Howard Stern.  

The state of extramarital affairs
Mark Chauppetta: For the Love of His Kids
“Success is seeing your children grow up to be respectful young adults” with Mark Chauppetta
Set to Power
Mark Chauppetta, Private Eye Who Worked for Scientology at the time of the South Park Investigation
Fox News Interview
Interview with Fox News on the Murder of Christa Worthington
A Father's Fight
Boston Mag 2007
Happens All the Time - Cheating in the Good O’L USA
Viceland TV show “Evil Genius” 2019
Security job with John Travolts early 2000’s
UK channel 4 show on Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun.
United States of Conspiracy History Channel 2018
Set of Fright World Motion picture  ​
Set of Power
Stern Show 2011
public speaking
A&E’s 60 Days In
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