After spending ten years on AM talk radio Mark has decided to try his hand at podcasting. The On the Mark Show premiered August 1st 2020 and will air weekly on his YouTube page. If you want some laughs and great interviews make sure to tune in and follow us. 


On the Mark Podcast is an interactive informative talk show staring Mark W. Chauppetta a 25 plus year Private Investigator and media personality.Back in 2002 while running for a local political office Mark was invited on a local show on AM 1460 WBET and the rest is history.


In 2004 Mark started the “On the Mark Show” which aired Tue & Thur from 4-6 pm on terrestrial radio. This was before podcasts even existed so the show had to rely on the 5,000-watt signal to entertain people from Southern NH down to Cape Cod, Ma.


Over the years Mark had the pleasure of interviewing the likes of Peter Falk, Patton Oswalt, Rasheeda Ali, and many cast members from The Sopranos.


There were also some crazy times when Mark got his kid's names tattooed on his body and his chest waxed while on the air. There was never a dull moment on the show and Mark hopes to bring this energy back to his new podcast.  


If you would like to be a guest on the show or have a PI related question you can "Ask the Dick" yourself by sending him an email by filling out the form below!  


The on the mark podcast is now streaming on DB&A television seen Ruku, Apple TV, and Amazon fire stick. 
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Mark Chauppetta

Plymouth County/Brockton Office
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