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   The Show

From the extraordinary partnership between Dr. Keith Ablow, the 10-year Fox News Contributor and New York Times bestselling author, and Mark Chauppetta, one of the country’s leading private detectives and MMA enthusiasts . . . Violent Minds is the podcast dedicated to American ideals of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to live free from the undue influence of an overzealous government.  It’s time to think for ourselves, say what we mean and risk everything to stand up for ourselves.  In these times of cultural cowardice, you need to hear from violent minds, in order to keep your own.  

Violent Minds is dedicated to what have become revolutionary principles—like autonomy, character, courage and commitment to freedom.  These two guys refuse to be castrated by the cancel culture crowd.  Ready, aim, listen.

The Violent Minds podcast is now streaming on DB&A television seen Ruku, Apple TV, and Amazon fire stick. 

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Mark Chauppetta

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