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Mark W. Chauppetta is a modern-day Licensed Private Detective, Media Personality, Author, Martial Artist, Fundraiser, Husband, and most importantly a proud Father of Four. 

In 1992 after three years of working the graveyard shift at the Massachusetts Department of Corrections Mark quit and packed up for Hollywood hoping to become the next Tom Cruise. 


Mark never had the opportunity to star alongside Tom on the big screen but fast fwd ten years later where he did get to meet him at the Church of Scientology Hollywood Celebrity Center. 

After getting tired of serving Wheatgrass to Hollywood celebrities in the early 90’s on Santa Monica Blvd Mark pursued a career as a PI pursuing cheaters on the 405 and going under cover at the Hollywood Bowl.  

Eventually Mark made it back to his hometown in Mass in his mid 20’s where he started a family and opened On the Mark Investigations.

Being trained early on in all areas of the investigative world Mark eventually became one of the leaders in criminal defense working on such high profile cases like “Murder on the Cape.”

Mark also spent 9 years as a hired contractor for controversial Church of Scientology and Christian Brethren which some may label as cults. 


25 plus years later Mark is still beating the pavement and probably will continue do so until he ends up in a retirement home. 

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Mark Chauppetta

PO Box 3112

Brockton, MA 02304

Tel: 508-889-2882

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